Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farmer's Wife blocks

As promised, here are closeups of the latest Farmer's Wife quilt blocks I've done.
Block # 28, Duck and Ducklings.  Although I'm having a hard time seeing birds in this one, I do like the fabric combo.  It's a 25-patch grid, so each square finishes to 1 1/4" (scant).  Except for the big triangles which finish to 2.4", so I cut 2 squares 3 3/8" and cut them once diagonally.  I think.  I tend to forget the odd math for these base 5 blocks as soon as I do it.
Block #29, Economy. I wish they were all this easy.  Center square is 3 1/2", middle triangles are 4 1/4" QST's (cut diagonally twice; note this will mean the outer edges are on the bias which shouldn't matter if you immediately and carefully add the outer triangles).  The outer triangles are 2 squares, 3 7/8", cut diagonally once (HST's).  Again, I like the unusual fabric combo here; it's not something I would have normally put together if I weren't challenging myself.
Block # 30, End of Day.  I am seriously proud of myself for figuring out how to piece this without templates or weird cutting.  I cut four strips (2" wide each by about 15") and pieced two together at a time.  Then I subcut each of them into four 3 1/2" squares.  THEN I realized that I should have made the squares equal out to 3 7/8" but hadn't done the math.  So I figured the diagonal line from corner to corner would be the stitching line: I laid my ruler with the 1/4" line along the diagonal and cut 1/4" away from that.  I just had to make sure that I oriented the first 4 squares the same way before cutting, and then I oriented the remaining 4 squares the opposite way.  This does mean that you throw out the leftover triangles: if I had thought to do the math for a 3 7/8" strip set, I could probably have made two mirror image blocks, but oh well.  Fabrics are leftover from a quilt I made for Quarta, some old curtains from my mom's scrap bag, and the big print was from the Goodwill bin.

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