Saturday, June 13, 2015

Randomday and real life

So, this guy graduated.  And we're really proud of him.
Grandpa, Grandma Deb and Uncle Andy flew in to help celebrate.  They have not set foot in the Pacific Northwest for many years.

Peter celebrated by going to the beach with his classmates, and participating in a triathlon.

There was even a graduation party.  It was kind of like the Last Noel, but with barbecue and warmer weather.  And without Steve, who had to be in Seattle for a software conference.

Graduations are kind of a big deal.  It's just as well that they don't happen all the time.  All the regular end-of-school-year business was finished, or passably finished, in reasonably good time.  Now only Tertia has two more half-days of school to finish, and we have the summer stretching in front of us.  For Peter, he has AIT in July, which runs into the fall school schedule so he will be taking a gap semester.