Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turn of the Seasons

I think a squirrel used our front step the other day to eat his picnic lunch while watching traffic go by.  All the walnut peelings in a neat pile.  Around this time every year, our yard becomes like the I-5 corridor for squirrels, as they fetch walnuts from our neighbors' tree across the street and bring them back to their nests in our trees.  Every once in a while they'll taunt the cats.
Blackberry season didn't really start this year until September, because of our late, cold summer.  When I was picking these I noticed one cane that was still in blossom, with only a few tiny green berries and one bee who had crawled into a blossom to die.  Our week of hot weather has changed and we are back to cool for the last few days.
There are only a very few of the precious golden raspberries, but they are wonderful.  Right now, Primigenitus is peeling our apples and making homemade applesauce while watching Morgan Freeman in Invictus.  Pizza is in the oven for dinner: I'm finally finished with Grandma's Lanterns quilt after working on it most of the day.

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