Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of school

Cedar Tree students returned to school today, and there are a lot of them.  Classroom usage is maxed out and teachers are multitasking. My classroom is no longer my own, but is being shared with 12th grade (homeroom and storage) and 7th grade (math and Bible as well as Latin).  As if to emphasize this, Primigenitus knocked down the Verb Land bulletin board before I got to school today for my 2nd period class.  Maybe it was because he never had the Flat Stanley unit back in 1st grade and wanted to experience it.  So a lot of my classroom decor is going to need fixing, fast.  Verb Land is essential for 7th and 8th grades. (And yes, "Verb Land is Fallen" triggered my choice of musical accompaniment for this post.  I'm sure many Latin students share similarly apocalyptic feelings about the start of school and especially about the downfall of verbs -- it really gives a new meaning to "deponent verbs," doesn't it?  Or even supines, which we don't cover in my class).

The biggest change from last year is that I will be teaching 6th grade in the 6th grade classroom, not in my designated Latin classroom, which is no longer quite so designated as it was.  That means I have to be an itinerant again, but there's no help for it.  Eighteen students will not fit into the classroom formerly designated for Latin.  So once I have all those names matched up with faces (imagine a class full of kids with names like Adam, Alan, Alex, Alice, Amos, Andy and Andrea -- although these are not their names -- and you about have it) I will only need to get used to a totally different set-up and a much higher student load, and commuting to class in the rain once the rain starts.

And the different schedule.  The schedule may well be the hill I die on.  I can't even wrap my mind around it today, so I'll save it for another time when I've had a few more runs to practice.  School is great, I love it, but wow.  Summer was over too fast.

If you happened on this blog and have a few thousand or million dollars to spare, please consider the Cedar Tree building project as a worthy cause.  We need those phases 3-5 sooner rather than later, in my opinion.

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