Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday #13: You Can't Win 'em All

Not all WIP Wednesday posts can be like last week's.  About all the sewing I did in the past seven days (other than helping Primigenitus sew on a button) was on these four blocks for block #5 of the Happy Quilting STARS quilt-along.  I'm not going to meet the deadline on that one, but it will get done.

The school year has started in earnest, and I'm remembering why I call myself Carpe Lanam... when these exhausting days are finally over, I just want to crawl into a comfortable seat, grab some wool, and start knitting.  The hyper-frenetic creative activity of quilting just does not nourish the stressed soul the way knitting does.  If I wasn't teaching every day, I'd probably be quilting every day AND have a much cleaner house.  As it is, I'm knitting about every other day, quilting a tiny bit, and the house is better left unnoticed.  I did finish some socks this week, and immediately cast on another pair.
Someday maybe I will be retired and have as much time to work on quilts as my mother-in-law, who brought this quilt top over for me to pin.  Cute, isn't it?  It's not mine.  Sigh.

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