Monday, September 19, 2011

Quilts of the Past: Delectable Mountain Star

Since it's a busy Monday and I don't have time to create a blog post ex nihilo, I'll treat you to an instalment of Quilts of the Past.

This is a quilt I finished in 2008: Delectable Mountain Star.  It was part of the 4-quilt series I made from my late mother's clothing, one quilt for each of us kids.  This is the quilt that made me not love half-square triangles anymore.  The background was a bunch of old cotton sheeting that was in her scrap bag.  The colored fabrics were all sorts: old aprons, shirts, jumpers; some 100% cotton and others not.  Some were heavier weight than others.
I quilted feathered wreaths in the large white spaces.  This was before I had my Megaquilter, and actually, my old machine did feathers okay.  But I haven't done much with feathers ever since.

The quilt is queen-sized and lives with my brother Andy in Virginia.

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