Friday, September 2, 2011

Finished socks

Here are the Stashbuster Spirals, finished with Elizabeth's sewn bind-off, photographed here, and then straight onto Primigenitus' feet.  He likes them, and I kind of think they are the coolest socks I've made.  I've already started a second pair of stashbuster socks for Secundus.  They will probably be mainly greens, blues, and yellows, but probably not as coordinated as this pair.

Tertia had her check-up this morning and got her required shot, then we took the vaccination record over to the middle school so we are legal now.  We even found her classrooms and talked to the Life-Skills classroom teacher, who is new to the school this year.  She seems very nice, but Tertia is unusual in that she will be going out of the Life Skills class for most of her subjects.  I get the impression this Isn't Done very often, so of course I'm a bit anxious about how her first few days will go next week.  Special Education isn't the ghetto it used to be, I have been assured many times by many special education professionals.  But when the special bus delivers you to the special ed class door and you're there for everything except lunch... well, that will not be Tertia's lot and I'm willing to be the troublesome parent to make sure she's as fully included as possible.  It's really a beautiful school building and she's very excited to be there.  Which is more than most 6th graders probably feel.

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