Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poem in my Pocket

I've been keeping this post in my pocket for a busy day.  The folks over at Redeemed Reader did a National Poem in my Pocket Day post back in August.  So I wrote a poem and posted it in the comments.  But I figured, I should really post my own poem on my very own blog, shouldn't I?  So here it is.

The Pockets I Do Not Check

Too busy and already
turned inside-out myself,
I don’t check the pockets.
I might find loose change afterwards
and it will sit on the counter awhile;
then someone will put a penny
in the penny racer
to trip over another day.
Once a ceramic bunny figurine,
once my son’s I-Pod headphones,
once a pocketful of crayons
(WD-40 is very useful
to clean the dryer,
and red-orange is no longer
my favorite color).

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