Thursday, September 22, 2011

Schlepping Day

Some people do their shopping weekly.  Mine is more like schlepping, that wonderful Yiddish description of what my life is like.  If I'm not schlepping $304 and slightly more than my body weight worth of food home from Costco, I'm schlepping kids and just slightly less than their body weight in books and sporting equipment to cross-country practice.  I have avoided having a complicated car pool routine thus far in life, but my days are numbered now.  I may even have to learn how to text.  And I swore I would never do that.

So let's make some salsa.  I improved my salsa recipe last week (above).  I put the hot peppers (stems removed, seeds left in) and onions (quartered) and a half a bunch of cilantro in the blender and pureed it - because chopping hot peppers and onions is no fun, and because I like the heat and flavor distributed fairly evenly.  Then I chopped the tomatoes by hand, because chopping tomatoes IS fun, and added them until the bowl was full.  And I stirred in about 3/4 t. of salt, and we schlepped it right up so there's none left and I have to make more.  Because no matter how much time and energy you spend schlepping -- it's never enough!

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