Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

Well, school is back in session and I have to account for how I spent the past summer.   Here's the obligatory essay.
  • Our old car broke down and we bought a new one.
  • I memorized the countries of the world, even Tuvalu and Kyrgyzstan.  And I can spell them.
  • I participated in the Tour de Fleece and went to Sock Summit.
  • We went on the Great American Road Trip, culminating in Disneyland.
  • I joined two quilt-alongs, the Farmer's Wife and the STARS, and have been obsessed about them, particularly the Farmer's Wife.
  • I read (or listened to) a bunch of books and reviewed them.  I need to get back to the book reviews; I haven't done one in awhile.
  • There was a lot more: a family reunion, Family Camp, cleaning, shopping, blueberry picking, house painting, a little bit of gardening.
It was a good summer and I'm more than a little anxious about adapting to the new fall schedule, but I'm pretty sure it will be a good fall, too.
Farmer's Wife Quilt block #37 -- Flower Pot.
I created this block with a decidedly awkward combination of paper-piecing and tem-plate-free rotary cutting.  The hardest bit was the Y-seam on the yellow triangles in between the flower points.
Block #38 -- Four Winds
This block was entirely based off of 1" finished size squares and HSTs, so it was easy to figure out how to piece it but a little challenging because there are so many small pieces.  I did all the HSTs without cutting the diagonal first, whether using a grid or just a pair of squares, so that helped.  It took a bit of trial and error to get all the stripes pointing in the same direction.

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