Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday #9: Progress on 2 out of 3 quilts

I'm mostly finished with block 3 of the STARS quilt-along from Melissa at Happy Quilting.  I'm making 4 of each block for a twin-sized quilt.  I'm going to have to start repeating fabrics soon.  I'm also thinking I need a bigger design wall.
The Farmer's Wife blocks won't fit on much longer, either.  I have 30 of them now - made 4 this week.  I still have 3 to blog about individually but that can wait until tomorrow. 

No progress to report on my MIL's quilt that I'm machine quilting.  Hope to get a little more done this week.
Progress has been made on the scary  basement organization project, too.  I bought a couple of wire storage shelves at Target and some pegboard at Home Depot for the tools.  (There was a second picture too, on the other side of the doorway, of the painting supplies on a shelf with more pegboard.  But it was sideways and when I rotated the picture, it vanished, never to be found again.  Why in the world does it do that?! You'll just have to take my word for it that I did 2 shelves and 2 areas of pegboard).
See that white stuff painted around the ductwork?  That's my DIY asbestos mitigation.  Four years ago we had the very old furnace replaced and the professionals took off the asbestos around it; but there was still the asbestos tape around the old ductwork, and they left us a little jar of rubbery stuff to paint over it and just leave it in place.  I just this last week got around to doing that, in the areas that I could reach.  There are plenty of areas I consider out of my reach in the crawl space around the other side of the brickwork; only the cats go there.  And they're probably not going to sue me for any asbestos-related illnesses they might incur.  Although you never know, these days.

As usual, the link-up party is going on over at Freshly Pieced.


the gathering girls said...

the Stars quilt is lovely...Melissa is doing such a great job with the star tutorials!! Your fabric selection is beautiful!

Kerstin said...

Love the stars, very nice colors. I have to try my hand at that, too...

Kathy said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! I love the feedback!