Friday, August 12, 2011

Friendly Yellow

So we hired the wonderful people at Handyman Can to paint our house for us, with Primigenitus and Secundus helping with the labor to keep the cost manageable.  The inside of our house has an eerie quality to the light.  You can't tell when someone pulls into the driveway, and you have to go out of this door rather than our regular one.
Big changes are in store.  We are going yellow.  The house has been "the big old white farmhouse with blue trim and a white picket fence" for so long.
The trim's going to change too.  We'll keep the picket fence white.
Even the extraordinarily tall young Mr. B. does, occasionally, need a ladder.
We had some issues with the paint color.  On the left is "Friendly Yellow," our choice for the house body, in the sample that was mixed up for us.  But Sherwin Williams doesn't do Friendly Yellow in exterior paints.  On the right is their first attempt to match the color: it should have been "Banana Cream" (which was the closest exterior match) but in reality was something with a lot more red in it, like "Jonquil."  It was just too peach, although it did okay as a base coat. 
After squinting at lots of different samples, we called in the cavalry.  Dee-Anna Janku is superwoman... and all I had to do was watch her adorable children and adorable puppy while she sped off in her adorable convertible to make it all good.  Sherwin Williams didn't have enough of the right base to mix up the closest match for Friendly Yellow (apparently there's a nationwide paint shortage...who knew?) so they custom mixed a batch using another base that is a much closer match to Friendly Yellow than either the mismatched batch we got first or the Banana Cream we were prepared to settle for.  And if we ever need to order more, it's got a special name... Chapman Yellow.  I may have lost the ability to differentiate between shades of yellow after today, but by gum I've got a paint named after me.

Now we need to settle on trim color.  I'm leaning towards Courtyard, a dark green.  But not Clover or English Ivy or Dried Thyme or Black Emerald...

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