Saturday, June 1, 2013

Randomday, With Other Peoples' Athleticism and Improbable Goals for June

Secundus took part in Mrs. Brabec's 5K "Fun Run" today at Frenchman's Bar.  Here he is, setting the pace with some veteran marathoners.
Quarta walked with the walkers; Tertia and I started out with the walkers and got about 1K in before turning around when the runners passed us.  We almost made it back to the start when Secundus came in, second.
He had set a goal of making a time better than 19:30.  And he did - 19:21.  Pretty impressive, say I.
As for me, I have never associated "fun" and "run" with each other, and don't plan to start now.  But I am impressed by the spirit of athleticism that prevails among the youth at Cedar Tree.
Even if they're lying down on the finish line and having water squirted on them, they actually ran it.  Bravo!
Speaking of setting goals for oneself, it is time to report on my May goals and set some new ones for June.  Um... these were my goals for May. 

  1. Make another felted wool blanket (my random # choice) Not done.
  2. Holdover knitting bag. Not done.
  3. Quilt and bind the Orca Bay quilt.  Half done quilting.
  4. Finish the current socks for Steve. Almost half done.
  5. Finish cleaning the sewing area AT LEAST ENOUGH to be able to cut out a new project. Done!
And I did cut for the new project: making composition book covers as graduation gifts:
My one finish, and it wasn't on the list.  Oh well, May is always that kind of month for teachers.  Even now I am procrastinating some very necessary grading and fighting the kind of headache and neck tension that goes along with final exam grading.

So how about some new goals for June?  School will be out soon - huzzah!
  1. Random number project: #17 from my yearlong list, flannel baby quilts.  Hmm.
  2. Finish Orca Bay quilting and binding.
  3. Finish Steve's socks, for reals this time, and make a good start on another pair.
  4. I also want to knit Carnaby for myself, out of some reclaimed yarn.  At least start it.
  5. The knitting bag project, oh my, it's been on there 6 straight months I think.
  6. Begin the quilting of the Farmer's Wife quilt.
  7. I want to start a quilt.  I don't know which quilt yet, I just want to have the fun of picking a pattern and starting a quilt.
So in summary, I want to finish some of the lagging projects and have a healthy round of startitis.  But right now, I need to go correct 8th grade Latin exams.

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Anonymous said...

8th grade Latin. Lord love ya, that's got to be interesting! I had it in high school and I bet Miss Phillips didn't quilt! You have an impressive list of projects. Love those graduation book covers. Great scrappiness! Better luck with finishes in June, though you probably did more than you would have done without May goals!