Friday, June 7, 2013

Field Day

Graduation was last night.  It was nice, in contrast with last year, just to go and enjoy.  Steve and Daniel met us at the ceremony - they had gone to Montana (Bozeman) for Steve's work conference.  Daniel is taking an online class that will fulfill a core curriculum requirement.  Cedar Tree has four fine new graduates and many reasons to celebrate.
Secundus was at a sleepover with friends last night.  "Did you hear that, guys? Mrs. Brabec's house got t.p.'d last night! Who would do such a thing?!" ... was his reaction when I asked him if he knew anything about that.  He settled into the Field Day activities as captain of the Cuckoo Bird team.
First came the talent show with events from the sublimely graceful... the musical (there were two versions of Star Wars)...
...and this act made Mrs. Chapman covetous of hammered dulcimer lessons... the silly, "trained gorilla"... the silly, "Arnold Schwarzenegger's nursery rhymes"... the silly act by Quarta and Minuet...
...who have also been ringing a lot of bells together lately...
Team Ostrich reciting its chant.
I spent most of the morning finishing up my grading in my deserted classroom.  Two little boys came in repeatedly to borrow the classroom monsters, Gaius and Brutus, and the snakes, to reenact little-boy style battles and silliness with them.  I followed them to Mrs. Brabec's classroom to take this picture.
Always in motion are little boys.
Gaius and Brutus are safely back on the classroom shelf, along with the snakes.  I asked the little boys if they wanted the girl monsters (Rubella and Prunella) and they looked at me as if I were crazy. 

I pushed through the grading and for perhaps the first time in 13 years, I emailed my grades in on field day. 

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Anonymous said...

What a day, and accompanied by great photographs!