Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tertia's braces are on and live after two long appointments this week; the first appointment put on the brackets and the wire on the bottom, and the second appointment fixed two bottom brackets that had come unglued and reinstalled the wire, then put the wire on the upper row.  Unfortunately there is one bracket on the uppers that fell off but that one tooth can wait for a month or so.  We are getting used to using the sonic-care system to clean the braces and Tertia is quietly and meekly asking if her favorite foods are soft enough.  ("Is spaghetti soft?") She gave up bacon this morning.  You can tell her mouth is sore but she doesn't complain much.  She is our first child to need braces so this is a learning experience for me as well.  The orthodontist says that she will never be able to create a perfect bite without invasive jaw surgery, so we are aiming for straight teeth over the next few years, followed by a couple years of wearing a retainer, and then a few implants when she's 18 to replace some of the several congenitally missing permanent teeth.  Did you know that if there's not permanent tooth underneath it, a baby tooth will grow long roots and do the job for many years?  It surprised me to learn that, but it's working to Tertia's advantage.

I finished the binding on Orca Bay yesterday evening while Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet was playing in the background.  (Required for Daniel's online humanities class).  I used this really nice tutorial for a two-color, all machine-sewn binding, and it came out great!  Pictures when I get a chance.  It's my first quilt finish in a long time.

I also started a new quilt project, inspired by this quilt I saw at Pine Needles Quilts in Lake Oswego a few years ago.  I have 2 yards of a nice barn-red fabric for the border blocks -- do you think that would be enough?  The pattern itself is a modified Ohio Star, and I've saved scraps from my previous Civil War projects to have plenty for the blocks.  Hmm. I may need to go fabric buying.  Because I also need a backing for my Farmer's Wife quilt, which I want to start quilting soon.  "Need" of course, is a relative term when it comes to fabric.  But I do need thread.  Time to schedule a trip to Fabric Depot.

"Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness."

— Ray Douglas Bradbury

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