Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIPs and Yarns

Jack Junior, my baby quilt bonus version of Jack's Chain (tutorial available here) is now on the Megaquilter frame.  I'm going for a simple point-to-point arc for the 9-patches and triangles, and a squiggle-flower for the white hexagons.  But I'm encountering frustrations... the rails for my Grace Frame, made of hard plastic, have cracked and abraded and they are putting unwanted jogs into my quilting, which I have enough of a hard time keeping smooth as it is.  I'm going to have to rethink before attempting quilting one of my larger quilts, and I was hoping to do a lot of that this summer.  Grr... the size of that frame takes up quite enough space in my family room.  I wish I didn't have so much trouble getting it to behave!
For the yarn-along, I'm halfway through the final border for my Color Affection.  That means probably another couple of evenings of knitting at the rate I go.  I'm reading Lord Brocktree, which is chronologically the first book in the Redwall saga by Brian Jacques.  Primigenitus and Quarta are having a Redwall race and I'm joining in for the books I haven't read yet.  There are a lot of them!  I need to get back to doing book reviews.

Short summary of needlework projects:
  • Jack's Chain baby quilt top - on the frame for quilting
  • June UFO project (felted sweater blanket) - not really even started
  • knitting Black Roses/ Lady MacBeth stole - about 60%
  • knitting Color Affection - about 95%
  • finished spinning blue Wensleydale... yay!
  • no real progress on other projects.  Dithering over my next sewing project.  Should also be working on scrapbooks, which I don't like.

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