Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday

In the last week I finished a quilt (Framed In Quilt) and last Wednesday I blogged about my finished top for Jack's Chain.  Since then there hasn't really been a lot of time for sewing.  But I am using the extra blocks from Jack's Chain to make a baby quilt top, and I am planning a tutorial to share with blogland.  So consider this post a teaser for the tutorial, which will come out sometime in the next week, after Primigenitus' graduation (he's valedictorian, have I mentioned that at least 500 times yet?)

Short summary of needlework projects:
  • Jack's Chain twin size top - finished!
  • Jack's Chain baby quilt top - about 50%
  • Framed In Quilt - finished!
  • knitting Black Roses/ Lady MacBeth stole - about 60%
  • knitting Color Affection - about 50%
  • no progress on anything else needlework related
  • very little progress on final grades
Enjoy checking out the other progress over at Freshly Pieced!

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