Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tour de Fleece! Prologue

The goal: Spin at least 30 minutes every day the Tour de France rides, from June 30 (today!) through July 22.  Rest days are July 10 and 17.

The challenge: Spin the 2.5 pounds of orange-dyed superwash wool from Sheep Shed Studios into singles and ply them into a 3-ply, worsted-weight yarn for my Ravelympics project (another Orange Rhinebeck sweater).  I have no idea if this is even possible, but I like a challenge.

The bonus: If I spin all the orange I will choose one of the other fibers pictured and work on that.  Or if I am away from home for an extensive time, I will take my Kuchulu along and work on the top left Dicentra Salt Marsh fiber.

Another bonus: So far, no trademark complaints from the Tour de France people.  And I might even get to watch the segments that are broadcast here.

The host: Ravelry, of course!

The teams: I have signed up for Peloton, Stashbusters, Team Ashford, and Team SSS.  If I spin on my Kuchulu I will link up with Team Jenkins Turkish Spindles.  I can't commit to a photo every day, but I'll certainly do my best.  Most of the photos will be orange, of course!

I had a great time as a rookie TDF spinner last year and made a big dent in the stash, as well as learning to Navajo-ply.  Now it's time to get it to the point where I won't feel guilty if I buy more!

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