Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stress, and the Non-Missing Missing Puzzle Piece

Stress.  It's everywhere.  Last 2 weeks of school stress.  Graduation stress.  Refinancing stress.  Getting the house passably clean for the appraisal stress.  Grading stress.  School activities stress.  Plus all the ordinary stress that a family of 6 normally has.  Makes a girl want to curl up on the couch with a quilt binding to sew on and watch a marathon of the spelling bee.  And maybe, eventually, get the grading done too.

I was preparing to throw out the above puzzle as part of cleaning off the round table, which tends to be a catchall for whatever the kids pick up off the chairs or kitchen table or floor but don't want to put away.  The cats perch there too.  I had finished the puzzle except for one missing piece, months ago.  Our policy is to throw out thrift store puzzles if they have missing pieces, but I left the puzzle up because I figured, the cats and kids have been messing with this table plenty, maybe it will show up.  That was back in March.  Well, I can't find where the missing puzzle piece was, because someone had found it and put it in.  That so rarely happens, I quizzed the kids about it.  "Did one of you find the puzzle piece that was missing for this puzzle?"  The closest I got was an "I might have, it's been a long time," from Secundus.  Good news, I guess!

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