Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hazel Dell Parade of Bands

Still life with uneaten popsicle, before and after melting.

The Hazel Dell Parade of Bands was yesterday.  Our girls wouldn't miss it, and Quarta begged to have her friend Sonata come along.  Silliness was in the air before the parade began.  Bags intended for candy were put to other purposes.
The honor guard added a touch of dignity to the occasion.  Then the fun was on.
The Wizard of Oz float was popular.
Tertia's school combined bands with Jason Lee.  All the bands were good.  I'm always impressed by the organization it takes to get a group of middle-schoolers to march together and play music at the same time.
Silliness, I tell you.  Actually, the exhaust fumes from the vintage fire trucks were pretty bad.  Breathing through a Jolly Rancher probably helped.  My youngest child has become one of the fast-moving candy-snatchers.
Looking sweet.
When the first limousines with tiara-wearing young ladies rolled by, Tertia jumped up, yelling "Princesses!!"  She waved at every single one, even after about the 50th car.
She especially likes the ones that give out necklaces.
It was a long parade, but a good one.  A fun bit of Americana I'm glad my kids can experience.

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