Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Middle School Musical and other family notes

Beauty and the Beast coming up this week at a middle school near us!  That's Tertia, second from the right.  She's a villager/shopper and she's been practicing every night until 6 or 6:30 lately.  I'm looking forward to seeing her in the actual show.
Primigenitus is graduating June 7.  He's very relieved to have his Senior thesis presentation done, and has noted that the school year is slowing down to a manageable pace.  In a nice little full-circle touch, the commencement speaker is the pastor who owned our house before we bought it, and his wife is the one who told us about the little classical Christian school that was going to start meeting at the church three doors down from our house.  (I think they'll want to stop by and see how much the trees have grown ... I REALLY need to clean!)  I homeschooled Primigenitus for Kindergarten but was more than ready to join the co-op the next year, and I've been teaching Latin ever since.
Secundus is running with a friend just about every day.  It's hard for me to understand, but some people actually like running.  Even stranger, they view it as a social event.  And Secundus is good at it.

Quarta had my help putting together her costume for her final history presentation.  They've been studying colonial America this year in G2, and she's got a skirt, shirt, vintage bonnet and apron from my stock of vintage Great-Grandma linens, and my recently completed Traveling Companion shawl.  With all of these together, it's a passable impression of a colonial lady.  My philosophy of costuming for kids is to pick accessories that suggest the look I want, and I don't worry about absolute historical accuracy.  I have had good success in pulling together costumes for kids in less than 5 minutes this way.  I'll take a picture of her when she's in full costume.

Emperor's Day is coming up for my 6th grade class.  In 7th and 8th I'm just planning on finishing up our longstanding projects and playing Latin Jeopardy.  But first, we have to get through the Final Exam this week.  And the grading.

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