Saturday, May 12, 2012

Randomday - the post-auction edition

So Friday afternoon a few hours before the Cedar Tree auction, "black tie encouraged," Steve and I realize he ripped the back out of his suit jacket a few months ago and we haven't replaced it yet.  In one of those "we'll laugh about this in years to come" scenes, we rush to Kohls and buy black pants and jacket that will do.  We still need to take him to a full-service department store for a more custom fitted suit, but we were respectable at the auction.  His "black tie" was Looney Tunes with a black background, very much approved by the student helpers.  I wore my black Travelsmith dress from the choir trip, and my Nautilina shawl.

But we're definitely out of our league at an auction.  I always sit on my hands to make sure I don't accidentally bid on something.  The live auction did very, very well.  I was a little disappointed with how my two quilts in the silent auction did, although the live auction one went for $700.  But overall, the school raised a lot of money and we will have a multipurpose room and very much needed classroom space in about a year and a half!

Today I went to quilting time at the church and took my spinning wheel so Joyce could try it out.  I have never taught anyone to spin and I'd forgotten some basic stuff like whether you loosen or tighten the Scotch tension as the bobbin fills.  But she made some of that wonderful beginner thick-and-thin yarn.  And I made another row of Jack's Chain blocks.

Graduation party this afternoon.  I'm going to have to plan one of those myself pretty soon.  Ocean's 11 just finished playing on the TV.  I like a good heist movie when I'm fighting exhaustion.

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