Monday, May 28, 2012

In Which I Demonstrate Why I Am Not a Math Teacher

I made Jack's Chain too big.  I had been steadily working along, pretty sure I could finish the final 2 large rows and 1 connecting row for Design Wall Monday today.   I sewed the 7th of planned 8 large rows to the final connector row this morning, and then decided I should really measure the main quilt plus the bit I sewed today... I had this nagging feeling.  I borrowed Steve's tape measure and checked.  Width is fine for a twin bed at about 67" (it's going to be Tertia's quilt, and she will love all the kitties, bunnies, puppies, and cutesy flowers on it a lot). But length with all of the rows I made would come in at about 110", and that is too long, even with a generous pillow tuck!
I went ahead and sewed the strip I pieced on.  That end row of hexagons and 9-patches will have to be unpicked, and together with the other blocks I have, will probably be enough for a bonus baby quilt.  But I'm going to go ahead and count the top as finished yardage used, and the bonus top can be another week's stash report!  The final dimensions of the quilt will be roughly (because of the uneven edges) 67"x94".  And I have conquered Jack's Chain, so I don't feel so bad about not being great at math.  Actually, it happened because I was in production mode and couldn't be bothered to stop sewing and measure.  I started this quilt so long ago that I had forgotten (or never finished making) my original plans, and just had it in my head that there would be 8 main rows.  Maybe later this week I'll go into the details of planning a Jack's Chain quilt so others can avoid my mistakes, but I'm pretty happy with the top.  Or I will be once the unpicking is done.

Stash Report:

Fabric used this week: 6 yards estimated for Jack's Chain, twin sized top
Fabric used year to date: 46.8 yards
Added this week: 0 yards
Added year to date: 27.2 yards
Net used for 2012: 19.6 yards

Yarn used this week: 550 yards for Traveling Companion shawl
Yarn used year to date: 2506 yards
Yarn added this week: 0 yards
Yarn added year to date: 492 yards (all handspun, not purchased)
Net used for 2012: 2014 yards

Happy Memorial Day!  The boys are on a hike; Tertia and I went shopping together at the hardware store to buy a new flag and bracket and some pantry moth traps.  Steve put up the new flag and is digging in the garden now.  And I just spent $85.00 on a tank of gas for the van, which is why I can't buy more yarn even though I'd like to.


Gail said...

Well, you may have had some problems, but in the end, you will have a very charming quilt, and think of the stories you can tell about the process of making it!

Eden said...

Hey, it looks great, no one is looking at the size! I did a Jack's chain once as a wedding quilt... Had people send me marriage advice and scripture verses on the hexagon parts. It would have come out really well but the grooms relatives got a little too creative and sent me hexagons that were all painted with fabric paint with cutsie frogs and apple trees etc... Um, yea, thanks. yours looks great!