Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Final Exam Day

My main WIP in the sewing room is my Farmer's Wife quilt, slowly being sashed into diagonal strips.  111 blocks will probably take awhile!  I'm enjoying the process and not doing very much at a time.  It's a queen-sized quilt and will very quickly become unwieldy for my design wall!

Today is the day I give my nasty ol' final exams to my 6th-8th grade students.  I'm pretty sure several of them will be sick with the stomach bug or strep that's going around, so I'll have a lot of make-ups to arrange.  Tomorrow will be our last day and then we're heading off early Friday (I had to arrange three subs) to go to Lake Tahoe for spring break.  The rumor is that we're going to attempt skiing.  This will be most entertaining to watch, I'm sure.  We managed to live 6 years in Denver without ever picking up the hobby.  Well, my Dad who learned to ski at age 65 will be showing us around... we'll be hanging out on the bunny slopes, except for Secundus, who has been snowboarding twice and has limitless confidence.
The summary of WIPs:
  • Aunt Maggie's Quilt - finished the label, done and done!
  • Farmer's Wife Quilt - about 15% done with sashing 
  • March UFO knitting bag - no progress, but I have to move the fabric every time I use the cutting area
  • knitting Maluka shawl - done, blocked, and waiting to be blogged
  • knitting Black Roses Stole - slow progress, about 25% through the 1st half
  • knitting cotton bath rug - no progress
  • knitting argyle-fest - no progress
  • spinning blue Wensleydale - I finally filled one bobbin of laceweight-ish!
I won't set goals for next Wednesday because we'll be either on the slopes or in the hospital then.  But I'm planning on taking along the Black Roses Stole and On Your Toes sweater, and maybe some applique handwork.  Planning the handwork for car trips is always the most important part of the packing!

Check out all the other stitching going on at Lee's Freshly Pieced today.

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Patti said...

I'm not doing the Farmer's Wife, but I sure love to look at the blocks finished by others! Great job.