Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Pi Day edition

My Father-in-Law passed away last week, so there was not much time for sewing.  I did get 4 more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks done... almost all on Saturday, when I was struggling to process the news that a jury thinks it's wrong for children with Down syndrome to be born.  Seriously?  And that it's okay to take money away from the local children's hospital to give to parents who would have killed their child?  Yeah, it needed a lot of processing.  I know some children who have survived cancer thanks to Legacy Emanuel, and we're taking $3 million from that hospital system because a child was born?  In addition to the sewing, I had to go hug my daughter, who has Down syndrome but is doing just fine even without an extra $3 million from a wrongful birth lawsuit.  She looked at me the way all 12-year-olds look at their mom after a spontaneous hug, but she gave me the hug without question.
This is #101: Wedding Ring.  I once made a Double Wedding Ring quilt in blues and greens; this even used a few of those scraps.
Block #102: Whirlpool. I decided against blue and instead thought of swirling puddles of rainwater (the gray print, which is probably vintage rayon), and of the times when there is lots of pollen swirling in the puddles (the gold).
What should the next block be but #103: Whirlwind.  So I went with the theme of a tornado hitting a rose garden.  Maybe that's my subconscious going after Portland.
Block #104: Wild Geese.  And if you've ever heard Jean Redpath sing it, this is what's going through your head as you piece it:

Just beautiful.

I cast on two new knitting projects this week: Maluka shawl in fingering weight Knit it Up Posh, shown above, and Black Roses Stole in my hand-dyed cashmere, shown below.

  • Aunt Maggie's Quilt - finished but needs label 
  • Farmer's Wife Quilt - made 4 blocks this week, 7 to go
  • March UFO knitting bag - no progress
  • knitting Maluka shawl - 30% 
  • knitting Black Roses Stole - cast on twice, the second time on smaller needles
  • knitting cotton bath rug - no progress
  • knitting argyle-fest - no progress
  • spinning blue Wensleydale - minimal progress
goals for next WIP Wednesday:
  • finish Aunt Maggie's label
  • start boxer shorts
  • cut out pattern for March bag
  • maybe finish Farmer's Wife blocks and buy sashing fabric
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