Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grandma's Quilts

My mother-in-law is doing relatively well.  She's been coming over to play cribbage with all comers a little more frequently.  Steve's sisters have returned to their families in Phoenix and Philly after pitching in to help sort through things.  Steve's been taking some time off work and will continue to do so to deal with financial and legal details.
She said they played two hymns at her church this morning: "Take my hand, precious Lord" and "Victory in Jesus."  "And I lost it," she said.  Easy to see why.  I can picture Grandpa singing those hymns.  He's probably singing them now.
These are some of the quilts I've pinned for her this year.  She buys pre-quilted fabric and pieces it to fit the tops, so it serves as both backing and batting.  Then I lay them out on the floor and use straight pins to hold the top and quilted backing together until she gets a chance to lay them out on the big tables in the common room at her home and tie them together.  It is simply amazing how many tops she can put together.  I'm proud of myself if I get a tenth that amount done, and she keeps finding tops she'd forgotten about under the beds!
She made this I-Spy quilt out of the 5" squares bundle I gave her (plus some of her own).  The same bundles I made up for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway.  You can see Mighty Mouse in there.
This one's really pretty with the stained glass effect.  It must have taken forever to do.  That's a lot of tiny little black strips.

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