Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympic Yoke Wrap-up

This is the Olympic knitting project I chose.  It is the yoke portion only of a Drops free pattern, knit from three different colors of yarn from thrifted sweaters and some white from my handspun.  I love love love the color combination, even though I was skeptical at first.  The rest of the sweater will be knit from the chest downwards: I just came back from Knit Night at Starbucks, where I picked up the stitches from the provisional chain cast-on.  They are all on the needle now; I need to count them up and do some basic figuring for how to do the dividing for sleeves and body.  Then the plan is to have the chocolate brown be the main color, with little green speckles.  I might work the pink and white back in at the wrists and the waist, I'm not sure yet.  I do love colorwork.

Unfortunately, since it's not a finished project I still can't count yardage used.  And since I haven't finished anything in the quilting hobby either in 2014, once again a week has passed without a single thing that I can enter into my Stash Report.  That's zero yards of quilting fabric and zero yards of knitting yarn, in or out, in 2014.  I've never had such a long spell with no finishes to show since I've been actively blogging and counting my stash usage.  At least I'm not increasing my stash.  But I need to have some kind of burst of productivity, if only for my own self-esteem.  Finish something before the end of February!

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It's just gorgeous, Kathy! Pink and green always works well together - I use that combination a lot. xCathy