Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn-Along and WIP Wednesday

Olympic knitting continues.  I am heading into the last two decreases of the neck for my Olympic knitting project, the yoke of a Drops cardigan, knit with my thrift store sweater yarn.  I'm liking the colors a lot and I think when the whole thing is finished it will be a sweater I will wear often.  Getting it finished will be the trick.
I'm reading, among other things, 7 Men by Eric Metaxas.  It is a selection of short biographies of, you guessed it, 7 men who positively changed the world, starting with George Washington.  The author has written full-length bios of Dietrich Bonhoffer and William Wilberforce, condensed versions of which are included here.  I also enjoyed reading about Jackie Robinson and Eric Liddell.  I'm recommending the book to Secundus, who is doing his junior thesis on the theme of leadership.  It's a good one, easy to read if you're busy but still quite well-written.
Not much progress in quilting at all... this is my mother-in-law's top that I pinned for her over the weekend. I like the scrappiness of it... she doesn't think there are any repeats in the fabrics. Celtic Solstice is still being worked on when I work on anything sewing-related.
 Quarta was assigned Filippo Brunelleschi as her Renaissance artist, and so here is her Sculpey/craft foam rendition of Il Duomo.
Today her class is having the Hobbit Feast that was postponed because of the snow two weeks ago.  We made pflaumenkuchen, which seems like something Hobbits would eat.  But they would probably call it plum cake.


Shauna said...

I've been a sewing/quilting fool during the olympics, but it looks like you're making good progress with your knitting.

Cloudberry said...

That's a beautiful yoke!
Hope you'll finish it soon so you can wear it :)