Monday, February 10, 2014

(Probably) Our Last Snow Day Pictures

It's probably the last big snow we'll have for a few years, so I took some more pictures yesterday.  Church was cancelled on Sunday, school cancelled again today.  I'm hopeful as a teacher that we'll be able to get caught up somehow, but it will be challenging.  But that's a worry for tomorrow.
 The freezing rain started Saturday night and coated everything.
 Underneath a top coat of ice there was soft, wet snow.

 I love how every twig and leaf shimmered under a coat of ice.
 and how the snow clings to the branches and the moss.
 The roads are mostly thawed now where the traffic is heaviest, but on the side streets you can still get hung up in slush. It's not so much that the roads are unsafe to drive, but the infrastructure and local services can't handle a large number of cars on the streets.  And of course, (speaking as a Midwesterner), the people here don't know how to drive in the snow.

 Daffodils and tulips, just biding their time.
 Poor coyote.  He probably wishes he was back in Arizona.
We get ice dams in the gutters that can cause leaking into the basement if they're not cleared out.
Steve just can't keep away from a snow shoveling job.

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