Monday, March 3, 2014

Neglecting My Blog

I had always meant to share the picture of Il Duomo with the cupola on top.  I'm really quite proud of Quarta for making this.
It has been awhile.  I think about blogging, I really do.  But there is this exhaustion thing going on, and the cold/bronchitis/laryngitis/hopefully not strep thing I've been fighting for weeks, and work, and family... and curent events.  Rather disturbing what's going on in the Ukraine right now.  When the rare moment comes that I'm free, I'm crashing at home and can't bring myself to post.

Daniel is home for Spring break.  We are very excited to have him.  He seems to be excited to be away from the arctic temperatures and snow.  We even have flowers blooming for him here.  He was offered a position as RA for the freshman dorm next year, which is great news.
This picture was actually taken of Daniel with Tertia when my Kindle was new,  but I just figured out how to transfer it off the Kindle this last week.
Tertia was living it up when she went to see the Little Mermaid Jr. production two weeks ago.  Ariel is a church friend... aren't they both so cute?  This week is going to be very busy with Tertia's evaluation and IEP meetings.
No progress has been made on any knitting or quilting project since this picture was posted after the Olympics.  Actually, I did pick up the provisional cast-on.  But I have some calculations to do to figure out the number of stitches for the sleeves, the underarms, the body, etc.  And math is just not that appealing at the moment.  Same thing for putting the borders on my Celtic Solstice quilt.  It's a crisis of willpower.  I'm afraid I'll have to change the name of the blog or something, there is so little craft work going on.

Tonight I bailed on my usual Monday night knitting group... I'm too tired to feel like knitting.  But the sinus congestion and cough are starting to break up and I'm hopeful that I'll get into it all again, very soon.

I have been reading a lot.  I'm struck again by how prescient that last Tom Clancy novel was.  I spent a good deal of last week compulsively reading The Help.  And now it's The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  I'm getting familiar enough with Italian that I would feel perfectly comfortable if someone were to pay my way to Italy for a vacation.

On the "vacations that might actually happen" front, I've made plans to fly to Grove City in April, to see Daniel, take Secundus for a college visit, and participate in the farewell choir concert for Dr. Browne, who is retiring this year.  I am seriously excited about the chance to sing some of the most beautiful music ever... just hope my voice comes back before then.

The Ides of March approaches... there is a Latin Olympika to help coordinate this weekend, and next week, of course, the National Latin Exam.  I recently found this cool app online that lets people practice for the NLE.

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