Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting it done, January report and February forecast

Well, it's time to round up the January UFOs and WIPs and report.  It may not look like I have much accomplished for January.  These were my goals from the beginning of the month:

January goals:
  1. wool stuffed toy cat  -- randomly drawn from the list, I never even attempted this.
  2. finish Steve's socks -- finished, felted, and unwearable.  Bah humbug.
  3. make Daniel some socks -- 60% done
  4. hand applique one block of Piecemaker's calendar quilt -- not even attempted
So I have absolutely nothing concrete to show for January except this montage of the felted socks:
After they wouldn't fit Steve's feet, I wore them for one day, underneath my cute new boots.  And they felted still more in their second washing, so now they can't fit on my feet.  I have contacted Knit Picks, but there is nothing to do with the socks but cut them up for a blanket with the other dead sweaters.  Let's move on to pleasanter prospects, shall we?

Daniel's socks are progressing nicely as blogged yesterday.  I bailed on the wool cat toy and the applique projects because I a) didn't have time and b) wasn't really that interested in more handwork this very busy month.  Instead, I made small but respectable progress on my Easy Street quilt top.  I'm satisfied, and will remove the cat toy from my queue and my guilt backlog unless I happen to get inspired to do it again.

So, to determine the four goals for February.  First I went to Random Number Generator and drew #20 from my master list, which states and I quote: "and have fun, or everything else is pointless."  So I now have direction.  I'm taking it as Providential.  It's certainly a good reminder from myself of a month ago to myself now about why I do all these crafty things in the first place. 

My four goals for February are:
  1. have fun, or everything else is pointless.
  2. hand applique one of the floral side blocks for the 1996 Piecemaker's calendar quilt
  3. finish Daniel's socks, and get halfway on another pair for Steve.
  4. finish the Easy Street blocks and begin seaming them together
  5. and for good measure, make Crumbs blocks and play with the Scrappy Trip-Along.  Which will be fun even if I don't get them done.
Unofficial goals: I want to finally finish watching Project Runway Allstars and start watching the new regular season.  And I'd like to clean the sewing area and cut out and sew some boxer shorts, but none of these things sound properly fun or glamorous.  But for me, I still think they would be fun.  I have very simple requirements in the fun department, and I don't even try for glamor.

I suspect that others got more done in January than I did: check it out at Patchwork Times.

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