Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Yarn-Along which I wish that I had not had to spend so much time grading over the last week.  Seriously.  My sanity is in so much worse shape than it could have been.  You can just feel it slipping away from you, and each time you cross out "misierit" or "he might have been sended" and write in "miserit" or "he has sent" with your red pen, you realize that those were hours you could have spent knitting or sewing and no one will ever read your red marks anyway and you will never get those hours back.
So I pretended I was done last night and made three Easy Street blocks.  I think I'm going to have to cut more green squares, even though I was sure I had followed all the directions.  I'm halfway there with the A blocks, so 8 more to do and then I'm done with everything I need for the quilt and can start seaming it together.

And have you SEEN all the Scrappy Trip-along projects going on in blogland?!  I so much want to start one, it is like being locked up in your house and, well, made to grade Latin papers.  Bonnie Hunter is just magic with scraps.  I want to come out and play!

These are Daniel's Klingon socks.  I've decided they are "earthy, peaty, with a hint of lilac."  The heels are done and it's all pretty straightforward from here.  I posed them atop my gradebook, because that's really all I've been reading for the last week.  (If you want my review of the second Hunger Games book it's here.)  I'm using Cat's Sweet Tomato Heels again, which is a perfect combination with Stashbuster Spirals.  I may use the remnants of that Knit Picks yarn that felted, because I think it will behave itself if it is only one of three yarns being used in rotation.  I doubt I'll get it finished before Groundhog day, but it should be done by mid-February.  My mom always sent me a care package in mid-February for all the minor holidays -- you know, Groundhog Day, Presidents' Day, Valentine's Day, and the Ides of March.  I'm going to try to keep that tradition.

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