Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finished Socks

A finished pair of socks for Steve, the first I've finished in about a year.  These are following the Simple Skyp pattern, but I made them toe-up using the MUMTU formula for toe-up socks.  My willpower held out almost as long as the yarn, but not quite.  I think they will be long enough.
I'm going to try to do better about making the utilitarian socks this year.  Last year was the year of 12 shawls, which were pretty and mostly relaxing to knit, but of limited use to the male members of the family.  I've already cast on a pair of Stashbuster Spirals for Daniel, but I'll have to mail them to him at school.  I'm assuming I will finish them sometime before Spring Break.
I have finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy.  I have a series of book reviews planned... stay tuned.
Anyone recognize this dangly pink beaded earring?  Possibly dropped at the Last Noel, it will be turned into a fancy stitchmarker if unclaimed.  I always wanted a fancy stitchmarker.  But please, don't let that stop you from claiming it if it's yours!

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