Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Yarn-Along

After the apalling tragedy of the felted socks I am determined not to give up.  I am working on a pair of Stashbuster Spirals with my odd bits of sock yarn, for Daniel.  These have proven to be enormously popular in the other incarnations I have made, and they are fun to knit because the colors are constantly changing.  Already they are large enough to be pockets to hold the little balls of yarn, which helps some with the tangling issues.  I'm reading Michael Medved's autobiography, Right Turns.  Aside from his goofy face on the cover (sorry, MM, I like your radio show a lot but you do have a goofy face) it is an entertaining read from someone who had a front-row seat for a lot of Baby Boomer history.  Like my husband, he also became a conservative at Berkeley.
In quilting, I made a modest amount of progress on Easy Street Saturday, when I was bitter about the felted socks and had a huge stack of ironing to do.  I bribe myself to do ironing by letting myself sew a bunch of patchwork together in between each garment that I press.  I finished 5 more "B" blocks and that makes all of the necessary ones of that type: I need to go back and make the "A" blocks now.
As leaders/enders I'm working on a bunch of crumbs blocks that I hope to make into an auction quilt for Cedar Tree.  Here's one.  I will need a lot more.
I'm linking up to Ginny's Yarn-along and WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


Elvy Crafts said...

Oh, a stashbuster sock pattern -- brilliant! Thanks for the tip. I love how your Easy Street is coming along too.

beth said...

Love your easy street quilt!