Saturday, January 19, 2013

Randomday - Felted Socks

Just a few days ago I blogged about these finished socks for Steve.  He wore them Thursday and they fit perfectly.  Then he did a load of laundry -- now they won't fit on his feet.
I had just recently been singing the praises of Knit Picks yarns for socks.  I have been disappointed with Socks That Rock, Three Irish Girls, and a few other high-end, $30 a skein sock yarns because they either felted or wore out very quickly.  USUALLY I have found Knit Picks to be great in the durability department.  I have never had a pair of socks made with Knit Picks yarn felt, and they usually last through at least two years of steady wear.  These felted in the very first washing.  They were made with Essential, a discontinued sock yarn (although now they call basically the same yarn "Stroll") and I bought it at their warehouse sale over a year ago.  I wonder if it was just poor quality control?  Becuase it very clearly says "superwash wool" and "machine washable" on the label.  Life is just too short to spend over a month making socks for your husband that he only can wear once.  BAH!  I am now using the needles for a pair of socks for Daniel.  I had counted on these socks to keep Steve happy for at least a few more months until I had time to make him another pair.  Now I am sock-yarn shy and I'll just have to get back in the sock saddle and knit like crazy to get over the fear of felting.
The only sunny side of this is that they now fit me.  And I did need some socks, because I had given my own felted socks to Tertia and Quarta.  But I don't really like felted socks.  They aren't floppy and flexible like handknit socks should be, they are stiff and bulky.
There was a frost-covered spiderweb on the patio chair this morning.
I stayed up until 11:00 last night grading pretest quizzes for all three of my classes.  Then I labeled all the final exams and crossed out the sections that some students had tested out of.  Then this morning I updated my Gradekeeper files and emailed appropriate persons.  I still need to plan dinner for tomorrow and do my two or possibly three Latinstudy assignments.  And there is this pile of ironing.  And I am kind of depressed about all the socks I will need to knit.  And Daniel is leaving for 2nd semester early tomorrow morning. 
Oh yeah, if anyone does come forward to claim the pink dangly earring, it's lost again.  I suspect one of the cats.
Yep, lots of random today.

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