Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Forty Years

I was in kindergarten when Roe v. Wade was decided, and maybe 10 when I understood what it was.  There is no way I can find the right words on my mostly lighthearted blog to describe the cultural and spiritual devastation wrought in America by forty years of legalized abortion.  You know how people talk about "the new normal" by way of coming to terms with a devastating change in circumstances?  Well, abortion is no longer new, but it is now as much an established part of our supposedly enlightened culture as slavery and gladiatorial games were to the ancient Romans.  And, on close examination by any rational person, obviously as barbaric.

55 million lives lost since Justice Blackmun found "emanations and penumbras" in the Constitution to justify allowing mothers to deny maternal instinct and kill their own children before birth.  And ... what ... perhaps 50 million mothers who made that choice, one or even more times.  What is the cost to the human soul when it knows it's responsible for taking an innocent life?  What is the loss in human potential?  Both are incalculable.  How do you begin to offer comfort or counsel in such a situation?  I'm certainly not clever enough to figure that out.

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