Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Goals, 2013 Goals

Happy New Year!  For those of us doing Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery quilt, it's time to put the pieces together.  Do you like my little organizer tray? I salvaged it from the veggie tray I used for the teenage boys' party a few weeks ago.
After staying up a little later than I should have last night I have most of the border and corner triangles done.  I'm very excited to get more time to sew, but unfortunately I've invited the whole school over for Friday night's Last Noel party, and I have to cook.  Oh well.  If you like what you see it's not too late to get the pattern for the mystery at the above link; it will be taken down after a few months and will appear in her next book.  It has been a lot of fun making the little units without knowing what the final quilt will look like.
I'm working on some "Crumbs" 6" blocks for this year's Cedar Tree auction signature quilt.  It's rather depressing how many scraps are all over the floor in my sewing nook... this may put some of them to good use.
Here's a recycled picture of the socks I'm working on from two weeks ago.  I'm turning the heels now, so a little further along than this but I forgot to take a new pic.  Reading: I just finished The Hunger Games and am going to have to get the next volume out of the library; even though I don't like it that much, I have to read the rest.
A few days ago I listed some tentative sewing and quilting goals for this year:
  1. 1996 Piecemaker's Calendar quilt - hand applique, add embellishments, and finish top
  2. Classical-themed tote bag
  3. Bowling-style knitting bag
  4. Three-quarters bag (kit from Connecting Threads)
  5. Felted wool blanket
  6. Orca Bay quilting and binding
  7. Farmer's Wife quilting and binding
  8. Easy Street mystery quilt top
  9. Easy Street quilting and binding
  10. Crumbs auction quilt
  11. Hooked Rug in Mariner's Compass design
  12. heirloom linen blouse
  13. wool stuffed toy cat
  14. boxers in 3 different fabrics (at least)
  15. Frugal Patch quilt
  16. Civil War repro/ pine needles quilt
  17. Flannel baby quilts
  18. Set up an Etsy shop to help finance college educations
  19. the ultimate ongoing project: clean and organize sewing area!
  20. and have fun, or everything else is pointless.
Judy L. is having us list four goals we want to finish each month.  I decided to continue the random selection for one of the goals on the list, to keep the element of surprise that I enjoyed last year.  I'm mixing up knitting and sewing goals  And the random number generator came up with lucky #13 for the first month of 2013, so I guess my first goal is going to be the cat.  Now I have to dig out that pattern from somewhere...

January goals:
  1. wool stuffed toy cat
  2. finish Steve's socks
  3. make Daniel some socks
  4. hand applique one block of Piecemaker's calendar quilt
That would be good.  We'll see if it happens!


Anonymous said...

Do I dare ask *which* Piecemaker's Calendar? =) They are all wonderful! Looks like reasonable January goals to me, but I don't knit, so I can't be sure. Best of luck!

Lois said...

I wish I'd done Easy Street, but there's only so much I will take on. And now I've decided to do Comfort and Joy. Oh Woe is me!! Nice to meet you!