Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday; Yarn-Along

Wow, for a couple of weeks I haven't really had anything much going on in any of my hobbies, and now I've got stuff by the bucketload.  Feast or famine, I guess!
It's Roman Culture day in 7th grade, and we're talking about the role of women in Ancient Rome, so here is my spindle collection all ready to give the kids that want to a chance to try their hand at spinning.  All of them except the Kundert (2nd from right) were hand-made by me; the far right one is my iconic Ancient Roman spindle whorl, made of lead and purchased on Ebay, set on a dowel.  It doesn't actually spin very well, compared to the Tinkertoy ones.

If you are married to me or one of my sons, the next few pics contain potential spoilers.  On your own head be it; I'm far too tired to police these things.
Secundus' argyle.  I'm making very slow progress on these and they will not likely be done before Christmas.  But I did turn the heel of the first sock!  I consulted an old favorite book to remind me about how to turn the heel; it's crazy how I forget these things.  Also I did a review of How Civilizations Die yesterday, and I'm almost finished reading House of Hades, the latest in the Percy Jackson series.
I cut out 8 yards of fabric yesterday, and these will be for Christmas gifts.  I'm going to set up a production line and use black thread on all of them.  I've been meaning to do this for over a year.  It will feel good to use up so much fabric!
As many of you know, Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery is going on... here's the first clue, and I'm looking forward to the second coming out Friday. I'm making the smaller version, if 75" square can be considered "small."
 I'm also doing some cutting for what I hope will turn out to be another quilt-along, the one in the February issue of APQ magazine, for a low-volume Burgoyne Surrounded.  I find it oddly comforting to cut out fabrics for a scrappy quilt, and I'm slowly working on taming the mountain of scrap fabrics that has built up around my sewing area.
Since I haven't updated my design wall photo for awhile, I took this picture today.  Not much change, but the "nine" and "Nazgul" blocks have been added to my NAWWAL quilt and I made enough diamonds to complete one diamond of the scrappy String Star.  I'm going to think about the color progression this way and whether or not I want to change it.

Linking up to Yarn-Along and WIP Wednesday.  Go check out what others are doing!  Oh, and I just found out that next week is the famous giveaway day at Sew Mama Sew... get ready!


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore that argyle sock, it looks almost machine made, beautiful work!

Donna said...

Your argyle sock is really a labor of love. Lot's of work in that there sock! I love your warning about the gifts - it made me chuckle:-)

Sara said...

I am looking forward to the APQ QAL too, just bought the magazine too. Hope you get it all your gifts finished in time;)