Saturday, December 21, 2013

Randomday - Pre-Christmas

Daniel came home from college late Wednesday night!  Steve and I, as a kind of late birthday present to him, went out to Powell's books and then to a 9:30 reservation at Ava Gene's restaurant.  We had a very nice, leisurely meal and then picked him up at PDX.  The next evening he joined his little brother to go out to Cedar Tree's Winter Social.  Steve took a nice picture of them with me before they left.
School is out for Christmas break for us too.  Daniel and Quarta came along Friday to watch Tertia's dance routine of "Rollercoaster" at her school's assembly before Winter break.  It was a bit of culture shock for us private school folks, kind of like a field day midway through the year... there was a staff-student volleyball game, boisterous cheering sections, and a pie in the face for some of the teachers.

Steve had Friday off and we did a Costco trip in the morning.  I am doing my best to have a relaxing break; my grading is up to date, I have been playing Civ 4 and sewing a little bit.  The house is still a mess, and that's not likely to change.

I just heard that the girl who was shot in the Arapahoe High School shooting has died.  This has been such a heartbreaking news story to follow this past week.  I knew two kids in that building, when they were babies and we lived in Denver 15 years ago, and am still Facebook friends with their mothers.  Littleton Adventist Hospital was where both of my boys were born.  I am so sad for the community there, and those who have such a heavy burden to bear at what should be a joyous time of year.  I have no words, only prayers.

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Anonymous said...

What handsome young men! Who would imagine you are mother to boys that old? Have a very merry Christmas! I hadn't heard about the girl, so thanks for passing that news along.