Monday, December 23, 2013

Design Wall and Mystery Link-Up Monday

I rearranged the design wall, trying out a new arrangement of my rainbow string star diamond.  I think I like this one, with yellow points, better than the one that was up before this:
 This previous version had purple points and centers.  However the final arrangement of diamonds is, I'm thinking of a solid gray background and some kind of rainbow string border.  I'll stare at the two diamonds and think about it some more.
 Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery is chugging along.  I made just enough of clue 4, the 4-patches, to put a border around the experimental block I put up on the wall last week.  I will need to cut a variety of greens and oranges still. But I think this design is actually kind of fun.  I wonder if I'm close at all to the final layout?
I'm turning out about one block a week in the APQ quiltalong.  There's a Flickr group now.  For me this is truly a scrappy quilt and so the cutting can be a bit of a chore, but I'm cutting extra low-volume pieces each time I have a chance and it's still fun.

For comparison, here are the previous two blocks I've made:

This will probably be the last time I post until after Christmas.  I did some shopping, errand-running, wrapping, and cleaning today and there's still a lot more to do, especially the cooking and cleaning.


Libby in TN said...

Your rainbow string star is stunning, regardless of which arrangement you choose!

Ramona said...

I love your rainbow string star! Is this your own design? They must be fun to make.

Kathy said...

Ramona, the pattern is "Santa Fe String Star" from Bonnie Hunter's book String Fling, but the idea to make it a rainbow color study was mine. I am having fun piecing the little diamonds!

Andee said...

Mystery is looking good!

Vireya said...

You have some great-looking projects in progress!

Won't it be fun to see how Bonnie puts our mystery parts together?

Aby Dolinger said...

What a fun, innovative layout for the Celtic Solstice block! My curiosity is piqued!