Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July updates

I've been a bad blogger the last few days, but it's summer!  We've had some lovely weather following up the heat wave, with cool breezes in the evenings.  I've continued with the Tour de Fleece since my last post:
 ...2 bobbins of hemp singles...
 plied together...
... starting a braid of BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester wool) from Frabjous Fibers...
 ...not much progress today, but I did take better pictures and skeined off 226 yards of hemp yarn.
This is an older photo of Steve's socks in progress - they are almost done now, and will be done next Wednesday if I don't fritter away all my time.  I've been reading several things, but the most recent book review was of Suetonius, Lives of the 12 Caesars.

So much for what's going on with knitting... how about my goals for June?  Well, there were good points and bad points:
  1. Random number project: #17 from my yearlong list, flannel baby quilts. not done.
  2. Finish Orca Bay quilting and binding. Done!
  3. Finish Steve's socks, for reals this time, and make a good start on another pair. Not quite done, and certainly nothing else started.
  4. I also want to knit Carnaby for myself, out of some reclaimed yarn.  At least start it. Nope.
  5. The knitting bag project, oh my, it's been on there 6 straight months I think.  Nope.
  6. Begin the quilting of the Farmer's Wife quilt. Nope, although I did buy backing fabric.
  7. I want to start a quilt.  I don't know which quilt yet, I just want to have the fun of picking a pattern and starting a quilt.  Yes! And I'm more than halfway done with Country Stars:
(That's a collage of several blocks from last week) and here's Orca Bay, if you haven't seen it yet:
It's enough to hold my head up in June, I think.  Hmm, goals for July:

  1. Finish the brown socks.
  2. Machine quilt the Farmer's Wife Quilt, or at least reach a midway point. 
  3. The knitting bag project.  This is getting ridiculous.
  4. Finish the Country Stars top.
I will award myself bonus points for making a baby quilt, spinning every day of the Tour, entering a quilt or two in the County Fair, or completing an additional knitting project besides the socks.  But I've been setting the bar too high, and I need some achievable goals.  I get distracted too easily!

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Mistea said...

I'm impressed by all that yarn you've spun. Love the blue colours.
Nice socks - not too much longer.
Your Orca Bay quilt looks amazing hanging in the tree.
Enjoy July projects.