Friday, July 1, 2011

Lavender harvest and other pink-purple things

It's a lovely day and I'm working on harvesting lavender.  We have four plants, some of them gangly and woody, interspersed with oregano, which grows everywhere.  I'm cutting some of the lavender back and hoping it grows more compact next year.
I group it into bunches of 100 or so stems and hang them up to dry.
We have dark purple, medium purple, light purple, and pink lavender.  It all smells wonderful.  I'm going to make it up into sachets and pincushions and maybe try to sell them.
Rose campion is always pretty around our house this time of year.  It has fuzzy lamb's-ears- like leaves and reseeds itself freely.
Here it is interspersed with hardy geraniums.
 Some of the foxgloves grew as tall as the garage this year.
 I can't remember what these are called.  They're growing in the mixed wildflowers section by the back fence.
California poppies are not pink or purple.  But they're also beautiful this time of year.  And taking over the garden.  Maybe when it actually gets warm we'll pull them out.

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