Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Grandma quilt, and Tour de fleece progress

I have no idea why this photo gets rotated when it's uploaded.  That's the top version.  The bottom one is what happens when  I rotate the original in the opposite direction in an attempt to anticipate it: nothing.  Yet another example of my lack of tech skills.  But this is another quilt my mother-in-law made and brought for me to pin.  She was inspired by my Shirt Stripe Boxes but took it in her own direction.
Okay, it's doing it again.  I hate machines that try to be smarter than me, but don't provide an easy way for me to tell them to behave.  Technically, you'd think that it doesn't matter which direction a square quilt is turned, but it's the principle of the thing.  I'm seriously going to have to learn how to photoshop someday soon.
Oh good, at least it recognizes which direction is up for my spinning.  This is where I stand in the Tour de Fleece after July 4: I finished filling up my Kuchulu spindle with my ongoing project in a laceweight Dicentra Designs; and I finished filling up the wheel bobbin with some Sheep Shed grab bag singles.  Both are very fun to spin and I haven't felt too tempted to break into the newer fiber yet.

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