Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thar she blows!

I actually had the chance to say that in context today!  While travelling south from Crescent City, we heard about a mother gray whale and her calf that have taken up residence in the estuary of the Klamath River.  There's a section of a coastal drive loop through the Redwoods where people were pulling over and watching, and we got out and watched too.  Sure enough, we saw them spouting; and they really do make that noise like in the movies and nature programs, we could hear it from the riverbank.  Unfortunately no picture: gray whales, gray water, gray day combined made for too low a contrast -- but the link above has a pretty good video.

Other wildlife seen today: an elk herd, a banana slug, a coho salmon (we think) swimming in a stream underneath a bridge, amazing centuries-old redwoods -- we even drove through one of them.  This is turning out to be one of those good old-fashioned American road trips.

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