Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tour de Fleece progress

The Tour de Fleece continues.  I made a collage of the last 24 hours of spinning, more or less, clockwise from top left:
  • I checked out a video for Navajo-plying, but when I tried to emulate the elegant motions in the video, I failed utterly.  So I developed my own system.  It wasn't pretty - it involved running the yarn under the neighboring empty bobbin to tension it and keep it from kinking, and my right arm making wide sweeping motions without ever really looking at what my left hand was doing in controlling the twist, but I ended up with a 3-ply skein that I'm moderately happy with.  It was my first success with Navajo or chain-plying.  The music that I had stuck in my head to accompany the process was Alasdair Fraser's Traditional Gaelic Melody, not the much more uptempo "I'll ply away" that I hear when I do regular plying.
  • I spun a little bit more of the Goblin Girl merino.  Probably not realistic to do a whole bobbin in one day, although I'd like it if I could make that much progress.
  • I have a clothesline up and have been washing my wool and handknits and letting them dry there.  This is the completed white and black skeins from the first 4 days of the tour, and some brown tweed yarn reclaimed from a thrift store sweater find.  And "Salve Magistra", otherwise known as Hey Teach.  Most of my wool sweaters have been washed, dried, and stored in space-saver bags to protect them from moths for the summer.  And just in time, too, I keep killing moths around the house.  Little ones, like they just crawled out of someplace after hatching.  Ugh.
  • While I was spinning on the deck yesterday, Steve was weeding.  He found a fairly large clump of fiber that had blown away 3 or 4 days ago.  So I'm not done with the Sheep Shed Studio grab bag fiber after all.  Bummer.
  • Or maybe it didn't blow away... remember I had "help" from Smudge that day.  My cats have been known to run off with wool before.
  • I added a little more to the cop on my Kuchulu spindle.
In case anyone should want them, here are the lyrics I came up with for "I'll Ply Away."

I’ll Ply Away

Some glad morning midway through the Tour,
I’ll ply away;
Three full bobbins, maybe even four,
I’ll ply away.

I’ll ply away, Oh glory,
I’ll ply away (in the morning)
Then I’ll dye, Hallelujah, bye and bye;
I’ll ply away.

Just a few more hours with my wool,
I’ll ply away;
Yes, my spindle’s getting pretty full;
I’ll ply away.

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