Saturday, November 2, 2013

Randomday, with November goals

Secundus' birthday was today - 17.  He spent it on the bus to the district meet in Tacoma and back.  He's an alternate to the varsity runners and didn't get to race, but seems like it was a good opportunity anyway.  His team did well and he'll get to go to State next week, we think.  Again as an observer and support, kind of like the Vice President.  When he got back at 6:30 we had his requested birthday dinner of tenderloin steak, mashed potatoes, and apple pie.

Yesterday I didn't have to go in to school; no Latin so the Reformation Day festivities could proceed.  Quarta went as her namesake from the Bible, with the appropriate passage from 1 Corinthians (in Latin) as the sole clue to her identity.
It was nice not to have to go in to school; my grades are all caught up although it was a painful marathon Thursday evening.  I made another large batch of gumbo, part for the freezer and part for church dinner tomorrow; and "shrimp and hotroot soup" from the Redwall cookbook for the church Reformation day party.  The skit this year was about the runaway nuns who hid in the pickled herring barrels.

I suppose I better report on last month's goals and set new ones for this month. October's goals:
  • Start quilting Farmer's Wife.  Done.
  • Finish Quarta's socks. Done 
  • Finish Rosalind.  Not done
  • "Fair" progress on NAWWAL and the String Star.  Well, it was less than fair.
So for this month, November, my goals will be:
  • Maybe to the 1/3 way mark on Farmer's Wife.
  • Finish Rosalind
  • There's a new sock in progress...  it's argyle, so it will probably not be done in a month or anything, but maybe one of the two socks.
  • More progress on NAWWAL and the String Star.  And I'll probably start the new Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt.
More than that I know I won't be able to do, but there's no guarantee I won't try.

Steve and Secundus and I watched Fargo while I was typing this up.  Now I'm going to post and reboot this computer, which has been multitasking for too long.  And I'm going to reboot myself, since I've been multitasking too long, by heading off to bed to enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely Randomday post! Thanks for the picture of Quarta, she looks AMAZING! Your goals for November ... seems like it will be a full month!