Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Argyles

I'm finished with the top row of blocks and almost with the 2nd zigzag row of sashing. The Megaquilter is behaving well, if a bit wobbly.  I wonder if the plastic rods are degrading again, or if it's just my mediocre quilting skills.  Either way, one row down of the Farmer's Wife.  Many more to go.  Linking up to WIP Wednesday for this, the only progress I've made in sewing for awhile.
I started a new argyle socks project, for Secundus.  I'm liking it so far.  I sized it up to a total of 70 stitches (2 selvage plus 68 stitches on a 34 stitch base rather than a 32 stitch base like I used for mine.  The tricky part comes when the diagonal line intersects the brown diamond, and there's an ambiguous stitch: it needs to be the diagonal line, but then the next row is confusing.  I think I've figured it out though, after one rip-back.  There is no yarn-along today; Ginny at the appropriately named Small Things has a new baby boy!
Fred the phantasmagoric pumpkin is looking very creepy indeed with the slugs crawling in and out of his eyes.  He needs to be composted.  By the way, did you know that "phantasmagoric" is a Proto-Indo European word?  I have asked for a P.I.E. grammar and dictionary for Christmas.  I think that would be ultimately cool.

It is a busy week with sister Beth coming for her yearly visit after I give (and maybe grade) 49 Latin final exams tomorrow.  Secundus is going to State with the varsity cross-country boys, as an alternate; Tertia is singing a solo opening line of "America the Beautiful" at her school's Veteran's Day assembly tomorrow, Steve and Secundus are even now taking Francesca the derelict pickup in to the shop for a brake job and other necessary and doubtless expensive repairs, and Quarta is under strict orders to have all the Legos in the guest room picked up so Aunt Beth will not hurt her feet when she comes.  I'm glad for a little tiny bit of stitching time squeezed in between the craziness.

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