Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patch

 Quarta has been busy with the pumpkin carving tools.  This cheerful, but topless, guy is perched on the front porch.
And this gruesome Cyclops greets any trick-or-treaters who walk by on the front sidewalk.  We are on a busy street so we don't usually get that many.  The girls are waiting around to give out candy.  We may just have to eat a lot of it ourselves.

I've been a rather negligent blogger for several days.  It's not that I haven't had ideas to write about at all, but I lack the willpower and energy to develop them into a full blog post.  Also, for me, a blog post needs pictures, and I haven't taken many pictures for the last week.  That's partly because of parent-teacher conferences, and partly because of going into Finals week, and partly because of family pressures, and partly because Pinterest no longer makes it easy or pleasant to embed a picture from a pin, and partly because I'm afraid my rambling thoughts are really quite rambling and incoherent and nobody wants rambling and incoherent.  But anyway.  Stay tuned for more random ramblings, on Randomday or whenever I get around to it!

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