Friday, October 18, 2013

The Quick and the Undead

 Secundus has had a great season in Cross-Country.  For most of the season he has been running varsity.
 He's not at the top of the pack but he's solid.  After Tuesday's meet at Vancouver Lake Park, he was told he will get to go to Districts, as an alternate.
 It would embarrass him to tell him so, but he has beautiful form.  He ran the 5K in a personal best of 18:13.
It was a beautiful day for a sporting event at the park, too. The girls and I were able to go and watch for the first time this season.
Today's meet was an invitational and Secundus ran with the JV.  He placed second overall and got a medal!  Steve was able to be there and took this picture.  Secundus came home long enough to shower and change for the dance at Cedar Tree this evening.  It's got to be challenging running with the public high school while keeping up with the workload at Cedar Tree.  Hard to believe he will be a senior next year.  He's made good friends in both worlds.
 Speaking of otherworldly, it's that time of year once again, when Tertia's middle school dance class puts on the annual "Thriller" extravaganza.  Steve got to be the involved Dad again and went to her assembly (I was giving Latin quizzes).  It was great of him to take pictures for me.  I think it's great how Tertia sits with such good posture... that's her early physical therapy showing.
 I somehow missed the Michael Jackson craze in the '80's, growing up as a sheltered and geeky preacher's kid.  I think "Thriller" has something to do with zombies.
Cute zombies, who know how to accessorize.

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