Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday, Yarn-Along

It's been a busy stretch at school and life and I haven't blogged for a few days.  I've done a bit more of the quilting on Farmer's Wife.  I like the little leafy vine and pumpkin seed motifs, but they're kind of fiddly.  Anytime you have to start and stop in a small space, it's fiddly.  That's OK though.  Sometimes fiddly is just right.
 I finished the socks for Quarta!  Can't remember when I started these, but they took multiple months, are made from TOFUtsies yarn on size 0 needles, and used Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel.
Size 4 shoe there, perfect both to display Columbia River team spirit at Secundus' Cross-Country meet yesterday, and the enormous size of that mushroom.  It's great to have a knitting finish to report, too.
I'm enjoying knitting along on Rosalind.  Almost finished with the left front, then I have to do the right front and sleeves.  I'm reading The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday and Yarn-Along, where you can find plenty of other projects of both the knitting and the quilting variety.


Anonymous said...

All the quilting I can see is gorgeous. Every time I see you hand quilting, I have the urge to pick up a needle and do some!

CathieJ said...

Rosalind is beautiful. I agree with the fiddly quilting. I currently have a line of Christmas lights I am quilting and it is very fiddly. Sometimes I dread going back to it.